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We offer a full line of cigarettes and tobacco, electronic cigarettes, and candy. Globe sells cigarettes to licensed retailers and wholesalers only. Globe is a cigarette stamping agent licensed in the State of New York and sells cigarettes wholesale for the minimum prices mandated by Article 20 Section 471 of the New York State Tax Law. 

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Cigarettes and Tobacco

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Electronic Cigarettes

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About Us 

Globe Wholesale Tobacco Distributors Inc. has been operating in New York for over 70 years. We supply a wide range of stores and shops with all of their candy and tobacco product needs. We service convenience stores, bodegas, candy stores, tobacco shops, news stands, grocery stores, and more. We provide the best wholesale tobacco and candy supply service in the city of New York at the most competitive prices that you’ll find. We are a local wholesaler and we take pride in our community, we love New York. 

Cigarettes and Tobacco

We offer a full line with a huge selection of cigarettes, cigars, cigarillos, chewing tobacco, rolling products and more. Click below to contact us now for more information or to become a customer!

The Best Service in New York

Once you become a Globe Customer, you become part of our distribution family. We are proud of our New York heritage and decades of serving our neighbors with consistent and reliable service. 

E-Cigs and Vaping 

Keep your store up to date with the most modern smoking / vaping products. Our line of electronic cigarettes and vaping devices will give your customers what they are looking for. 

Sundries and Candy

Keep both your younger and adult customers happy with our extensive line of candy and sundries. We will supply you with all of the most popular candies and treats for your customers to choose from. 


“My family’s shop has been operating in NYC for 43 years and we’ve been using Globe Wholesale as a supplier since my father owned the store. We are very grateful for the years of reliable service that we have gotten from Globe.”

Antoine, NYC 

“Finding a supplier for my convenience store in Manhattan was a was a frustrating process right up until I contacted Globe Wholesale.  They had the selection I was looking for, the prices were awesome, and they were able to deliver way faster than everyone else. If you’re about to open a store in NYC, call Globe Wholesale.”

Ramesh, NYC

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